About TheDuneBashing

The Roots

It was passion, creativity, industry expertise, a vision, and clear goals, that brought TheDuneBashing to life. As a group of experts from a successful travel operator gathered, they pondered over how they could create an online marketplace for travelers that would address their main pain points and struggles. During the summer of 2012, their vision began to take shape. With a solid knowledge and 7 years of Travel industry experience, TheDuneBashing was born, thanks to a strong leader, inspirational writer, several savvy programmers, a digital design expert, and SEO specialist.

The Mission

We believe travel should be fun, relaxing, all about the experience, and most importantly, travel planning tools should be accessible to all. That is why it is our mission to bring convenience to the online travel planning space as we help redesign the travel industry. We aim to continually offer the best products and the top user experiences (for customers & suppliers), all at the most competitive price on the market. This and more is achieved thanks to our intelligent online marketplace which provides tickets, tours, and activities, to the world’s most visited attractions, and for some of the most outside-the-box experiences. But, what sets us apart is how we deliver innovative solutions for handling industry, customer, and supplier challenges. The TheDuneBashing platform, you can make the most of your trip by shopping for the best types of experiences suited to your tastes.

Quality Is Key

It’s not every day you get to climb the Eiffel Tower or tour the Colosseum. To provide the best experiences for our customers, and guarantee an unforgettable travel adventure experience, each supplier featured on TheDuneBashing undergoes a thorough assessment of quality.

Safety First is Safety Always

Our IT team works around the clock to ensure all transactions processed through our platform are safe and secure. Using the latest safety measures, the team at TheDuneBashing, is on guard, protecting your information from any possible malicious threats.

Building Trust With Transparency

We deliver the most honest and transparent service to our customers, rather than offer empty promises just to grab their attention. It is our commitment to clearly communicate and provide alternative solutions in case there is a change to your booking.